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Dark matter and dark energy: Do they really exist?

23/11/2017 0

For close on a century, researchers have hypothesised that the universe contains more matter than can be directly observed, known as “dark matter.” They have also posited the existence of a “dark energy” that is […]


Fine felted nanotubes.

23/11/2017 0

Extremely lightweight, electrically highly conductive, and more stable than steel: due to their unique properties, carbon nanotubes would be ideal for numerous applications, from ultra-lightweight batteries to high-performance plastics, right through to medical implants. However, […]


The main switch.

22/11/2017 0

During differentiation of pluripotent stem cells to cardiomyocytes, the three-dimensional folding of the DNA reorganizes itself. This reorganization of the DNA architecture precedes and defines important epigenetic patterns. A team lead by private lecturer Dr. […]


Thinking big by burning small.

20/11/2017 0

A recent paper by scientists from Wits University in South Africa shows how creative fire management can increase habitat for wildebeest and other grazing animals in national parks. The work, published in the Journal of […]