Ice stream retreats under a cold climate.

19/10/2017 0

Why did the Jakobshavn Isbræ ice stream in West Greenland retreat under a cold climate period called the Younger Dryas? A research article, published in Nature Communications, shows that a warmer ocean surface in central-eastern […]


Morbidity and mortality of leprosy in the Middle Ages.

03/10/2017 0

During the Middle Ages, nearly everyone in Europe was exposed to the disfiguring, painful and ostracizing disease of leprosy. But did contracting the disease necessarily increase a person’s chances of dying? “You’d think it would […]


Erosion from ancient tsunami in Northern California.

02/10/2017 0

When you’re investigating complex questions, you’ve often got to dig deep to find answers. A group of UC Santa Barbara geologists and their colleagues studying tsunamis did exactly that. The team used ground-penetrating radar (GPR) […]