The microbial anatomy of an organ.

23/10/2017 0

University of California San Diego researchers have developed the first 3D spatial visualization tool for mapping “‘omics” data onto whole organs. The tool helps researchers and clinicians understand the effects of chemicals, such as microbial […]


Field trips of the future?

21/10/2017 0

Virtual reality has nothing on nature. Just ask the UC Santa Barbara students who one recent day trekked to a forest before dawn to listen to a chorus of early birds. They had hiked into […]


Using optical chaos to control the momentum of light.

20/10/2017 0

Integrated photonic circuits, which rely on light rather than electrons to move information, promise to revolutionize communications, sensing and data processing. But controlling and moving light poses serious challenges. One major hurdle is that light […]


New material for digital memories of the future.

19/10/2017 0

Professor Martijn Kemerink of Link√∂ping University has worked with colleagues in Spain and the Netherlands to develop the first material with conductivity properties that can be switched on and off using ferroelectric polarisation. The phenomenon […]


Art advancing science at the nanoscale.

18/10/2017 0

Like many other scientists, Don Ingber, M.D., Ph.D., the Founding Director of the Wyss Institute, is concerned that non-scientists have become skeptical and even fearful of his field at a time when technology can offer […]